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    "Double Vision Artifacts"


      Just got a Slingbox Solo and hooked it all up to my Scientific Atlanta Explorer 8300HD Box.  My picture (on wifi) is decent but theres like a fuzzy, color changed picture that is as if the whole screen is displaced, in addition to the actual picture.  So basically I'm watching baseball and see the actual pitcher, then a shadowy, light colored outline of the pitcher displaced to the side of the screen.


      UPDATE:  Just looked again and it's the same.  Altho I realized that I'm seeing the center image of the whole screen, and then displaced to the left and right are the same whole screen image, just very light and shadowy.


      I'm connected via the supplied Red, White, Yellow cables.  I've tried disconnecting the HDMI out cable from my box, and I've also tried a set of high quality RWY cables.  No change.  No idea why this is happening.  But I'd really like to find a solution....