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    Slingbox on Router & Repeater


      We have a LInksys WRT610N hooked up to a Cable Modem, and tucked away in the closet.


      Across the room, we have a WRT300N with DD-WRT firmware added, functioning as a Virtual extension of the 610N.


      We did this because some of our AV devices didn't support wifi and we needed a repeater which could function as a hub/router

      on the far side of the room.



      I've watched the Slingbox videos for networking in this setup, but they don't refer to DD-WRT software, and I'm really not sure

      what exactly I should be changing.



      My 610N is on with 50 IPs, starting at 100


      My 300N is on with 50 IPs, starting at 100.




      I see where Port Forwarding is done, on both firmwares, but am not sure exactly what to put in each......  anyone?



      Thanks muchly!