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    Can't find the Slingbox


      Hi everyone,

      I'm a new (french) user of Slingbox. Well very soon I hope !

      I've just bought yesterday a slingbox Solo. I've try to launch the software setup to connect (and use) the Slingbox after pluging the cables (power, YUC, Ethernet...) I get the message "Can't find the Slingbox (Slingbox introuvable en francais)" at the first step.

      I checked the lights. Everything ok (light Red on Power,light RED on Ethernet. Not blinking). Cable (Ethernet) is not connected directly to the router (Freebox (French Provider) but thru netgear CPL Boxes.


      My Home Network :

      2nd floor

      French Provider : Free (with Freebox for Router) Wifi + CPL

      Network : HP Windows Home Server

      Switch Ethernet for bedroom 1 & Bedroom 2


      1st Floor

      CPL + Ethernet + Switch 3 directions

      1.  Cale/Satellite (Canal+) connect to the TV

      2. My PC Notebook

      3. The Slingbox Solo



      Do you have any idea of what I can do to be sure that my slingbox will be recognized during the setup ?


      Many thanks.