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    BB 9000 connecting via Wireless?


      This is probably more of a networking question I know but it is only affecting my BB.


      Current System:


      SlingPro HD Box is in US. Connecting to it from Australia via Billion 7401VGP ADSL Modem. Have opened Port 5001 through Billion Firewall.


      Can view Sling fine on Desktop - wired direct to modem as well as through laptop connected wirelessly to modem. But cannot get BB9000 to connect to signal - it logs into account and detects the Slingbox but cannot connect. Error reported is -

      " SlingPlayer cannot connect to your slingbox. Please check the internet connection on your phone and try again"


      But if I disable the modem firewall - the BB connects fine. It also connects fine through the wireless connection at the office. Obviously there is something amiss with the BB and my firewall settings at home that only affects BB and not laptop. any thoughts or pointers?



      BB is running version - I upgraded to last month and Slingplayer stopped completely.