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    Trying to refund the Android app


      Hi, my friend bought the Android app for his HTC desire last month to test it out and refunded it. He recently wiped the phone and updated to Android 2.2 so I wanted him to test it out for me with a view to buying the desire. I had tried it on my HTC Hero with Android 2.1 but it was laggy to the point of being completely unusable, it would play for 5 seconds and then stop for a minute. I wanted to try it out with the better hardware and newer sofware


      I gave him my google account details and credit card details to buy it, thinking that wiping the phone and doing it with separate accounts and credit card details would allow another refund. The problem is that he has no refund option on the market, it looks like it's recognised the same handset was used.


      Does anyone know if there's any way I can get a refund for it?