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    Can discover Slingbox but cannot connect?


      Hello people


      First of all, I will excuse my poor english. I hope people can understand me anyways.


      I bought a Slingbox Classic for a week ago. When I open slingbox player on my workstation it says "There was a problem communicating with the Slingbox. Try connection again". When I log in to slingbox.media.com. I can see my slingbox but cannot connect because of a administrator password. I have tried to restart the slingbox but also used the old password. I bought it from a friend so he told me the password - but still no luck.


      I really hope somebody can help me.


      System OS: Windows XP

      Router: Asus 520


      I have tried to disable antivira software, windows firewall and router firewall. But still no luck. I have also tried to portforward the slingbox.


      Before I upgraded to the last known software, I was able to see my slingbox in dictonairy. But when I was about to configure it with my tv signal, it appears with a bluescreen with an error.


      Please help