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    Video source does not "fit" in Slingplayer screen on my PC


      I am using Slingplayer overseas and my slingbox is set up in my home in the US.  I use Comcast as a cable provider.  I recently started using a different PC and I upgraded to the latest version of Slingplayer and Comcast appears to have made changes to their channel line up and to the look & feel of the screen.  I uninstalled Slingplayer and reinstalled a backlevel version


      Now, I am unable to see the entire television screen on Slingplayer.  I've cycled thru all of the video options (Letterbox, Anamorphic, Windowbox, Pillarbox) and with all options, I am losing some portion of the top, bottom & sides of the screen.


      Any ideas?  Do I need to adjust the video settings of the PC ?