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    slingcatcher issue


      Any ideas on this one?


      I have a slingbox solo at home setup for internet viewing and a slingcatcher at another site, from the slingcatcher I can logon to my sling account with no problems, my slingbox shows up for remote viewing. I select my slingbox and try to connect, the connection attempt fails with a network error. I can try to keep connecting from my slingcatcher many times and each attempt fails same network error.


      Now if I take a computer (xp,vista,7,snow lep, tested them all) and launch slingplayer, signon to my sling account view my dirrectory and do a connect on my slingbox, the first attempt fails BUT the second attempts connects to my sling box with no problems. Then I can disconnect from my slingbox and log out of my sling account from slingplayer, go over to my slingcatcher and connect to my slingbox with no problems.


      I have recreated this a dozen times, I can power the slingcatcher off and back on and reconnect with no problems. I can log out and back in to my sling account and it reconnects no problem. If I unplug or reset the slingcatcher then I can no longer connect and have to go back to the pc and use sling player to make it work again.


      So it seems my account/slingbox access has to be 'primed' before slingcatcher can connect, once it is 'primed' my slingcatcher works just like always.

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          alano Newbie

          It sounds like the router at your SlingBox end is having trouble with port forwarding.  If you have a spare router (make sure it's a different brand), it might be worth trying that. 


          On your LAN, has your SlingBox got a static IP address, or is it using DHCP (with or without an IP reservation)?   Static IP is probably safest.


          Or, perhaps your ISP is allocating your router a new public IP address frequently - causing Sling HQ's system to have to discover your new public IP address?  Could be worth paying your ISP for a static IP address?


          Out of interest, at the SlingCatcher end, when SlingPlayer manages to stream the video, what transport type is displayed when you get the diagnostics screen up (by pressing Shift-Alt-I)?   It should be TCP.   I guess it must be, because I doubt SlingCatcher would work at all if it wasn't.


          Do you have a straightforward network configuration, or do you have a VPN too?   If you have a VPN, then perhaps network traffic is going down different routes on different occasions?




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            • Slingcatcher Issue

              My Slingcatcher will not connect.  I used to connect priot to the early August Slingwreck.  I have a solid connection to my Slingbox via PC and Slingplayer.  I checked the diagnostics screen up (by pressing Shift-Alt-I)?  Mine says SNATT...I know it should be TCP.   How do I correct this?

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                  It sounds like your router on the slingbox side lost its port forwarding, if you don't setup port forwarding then slingbox uses udp instead of tcpip. Did you by chance hard reset your router and wipe out the port forwarding changes that were previously made? Any how try to rerun your internet viewing setup or manually set up the correct port for wan to lan connection.


                  August is when I also started having these issues, I spent many hours trying to figure out what changed to break my config as it has worked for years UPTO August that is.

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                  if my port forwarding isn't correct for slingcatcher, a remote access from slingplayer isnt going to fix it.

                  slingbox is using dynamic dhcp, ip assignment hasn't changed while i've been testing as i havent powered anything off lately.

                  streaming is tcp

                  public address from isp has NOT changed since i started trouble shooting several days ago

                  straight forward network, NO vpn. i even removed every device from my network for testing, i eliminated the wireless stuff also.

                  I even set my router to permit all wan to lan activity to test.


                  now i did make one statement in my original post that was false, while slingcatcher is working if i disconnect from my slingbox, AND logout from the account slingcatcher fails logon network error. then if i fire of slingplayer, logon and access the slingbox, slingcatcher will then work fine.i can disconnect and reconnect, i can logout and login it still works, i just can't do both disconnect and logout...



                  I say this is a sling account/slingcatcher issue, if anyone else has a similar config as mentioned i would test your ability to reconnect after a power cycle.

                  so what does a customer do to get sling to look and see what the problem is?Again these boxes were working great for years, july/aug this started.

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                      alano Newbie

                      Agreed.  Sling did something nasty which broke my SlingCatcher early August.   It had been working fine since I bought the box a year ot so earlier, and it took me 4 weeks to get it working again.


                      I can confirm - I have no problems with Sling accounts, and power cycling causes no problems.  My system is now rock solid since I reset my router port forwards, and finally managed to get Internet Viewing Setup wizard to run properly.


                      Have you checked your Sling Account and Internet Viewing setup at http://support.slinbox.com? This will confirm your IP address and port number, and tell you if there are any setup errors.


                      Bizarrely, the heart of my problem was that my SlingBox's static IP address had changed!!!   I did not do change it!  Perhaps a SlingBox firmware update changed the IP?!


                      Dynamic DHCP on your SlingBox is just asking for trouble.   Even if the IP lease never expires, your router has to do extra work by lloking up the IP address.  This obviously shouldn't cause a problem - but it's just another link in the chain that could go wrong.


                      As an experiment (to prove me wrong ), why not change your SlingBox to a static IP address, check that your router's port forwarding is forwarding to the correct static IP address, and the correct port (both UDP and TCP) and, most importantly, and I didn't realise how important it was, you need to run the Internet Viewing Setup wizard and make sure it finishes off by confirming that the setup was successful


                      I cannot stress how important that "successful" notification is at the end of running the Internet Viewing Setup wizard.  I had to use the manual router setup option (I have a weird router) then, when I went switched back to the wizard screen, it said it had failed - which I duly ignored because I thought that was because I had used the manual setup option.   WRONG... even if using the manual option, the wizard WILL say "successful" once you have succeeded in getting your port forwarding correctly set up.


                      My message above may be a total red herring, but surely it's worth trying?


                      The other possibility might be that your Sling Account at Sling HQ is corrupt. I wonder if it's possible to create a new account and switch to that one?


                      Best wishes.

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                        alano Newbie

                        As a quicker experiment... have you run the Internet Viewing Setup wizard since the "Sling shipwreck" in early August, and did it say "successful"?   If not, do so - it's quick and easy, and may "refresh" your Sling Account settings if they have become corrupt at Sling HQ.   BE VERY SURE THE WIZARD ENDS BY SAYING "SUCCESSFUL".

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                            Yes I ran the internet viewing sucessfully again before I asked this question, at slingbox.com my sling status is clean with NO issues, not even an outstanding sofware upgrade warning.


                            I will step down through what you mentioned even give it a static ip. This sling box has always been dhcp and it never had an issue until the August.


                            What is really dishearting with this issue is the fact that this all originated from their problems and they woun't even speak up an offer any advice on what may be the problem. This is it though, one more night of testing and then i'm done, if I can't get it fixed then the sling equipment is out.

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                              Alano, thanks for the suggestions. Since I was interested in another place shifting setup anyhow I decided to stop and pickup some new equipment on my way home. Once home playing with the the new equipment was more appealing than further beating my head against the wall with sling. It didn't take long to decide no more sling, not sure if I'll mothball them or ebay them but I'm not interested in becoming an expert, i just like it when my tv turns on, I have more important things to spend my time on. Thank you for your help!