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    Can't get my Slingplayer to connect to my Slingbox anymore


      I am away from home trying to use my Slingbox on my laptop as I did back in July. Nothing I can think of has changed but I just can't get my laptop to connect anymore.


      On the laptop, Slingplayer starts and starts services etc then goes into the connecting phase but then I get the error message saying it can't connect.


      I asked my neighbour to go into my house and boot up my home PC, start Slingplayer and connect to the Slingbox which worked absolutely  fine.


      So I know that :

      1) Slingbox is connected to my Netgear router ok

      2) My PC is connected through the router ok

      3) My PC can access the internet via the router and cable modem ok

      4) The Slingbox ID ( Finder ID ) on my laptop matches the one I have set on my PC


      I tried using the web browser viewing option but again it would not connect tothe Slingbox.


      I just don't know what else I can try so any sugestions please !! I just can't think of what I could have done to stop it working.


      Thanks in advance