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    can't stay connected

    HackFabrication Newbie

      Been having continual problems staying connected.  Video/audio will freeze.  Then the message: problem connecting to your slingbox.  I have to attempt to reconnect, but it shows that someone is viewing my slingbox (not possible), so I have to enter my admin ID.


      I really never had any problems with my slingbox until they decided to migrate all the accounts to a different location.  After that 'event' stabilized, this new issue developed. This happens whether I'm watching on the sling site or using slingplayer 2.0.  I even uninstalled 2.0 and reinstalled it.  No difference.


      I'm using a HP laptop, 4gig ram, AMD turion-x2 ultra, Vista 64bit.


      Any idead?

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          Hi HackFabrication,


          We need you to be more specific. Unfortunately, your post is not clear enough and we need you to provide as much information as possible. Do you have this issue only remotely or at the Slingbox location too? Is the Slingbox connected hardwired to the router?


          In the meantime we recommend that you check the Internet Speed at home (upload and download) and you can do a reset to the Slingbox and run the setup assistant to confirm if the issue persists.


          Let us know how it works.

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              HackFabrication Newbie

              This particular problem appears to have 'self corrected'.  I don't fully understand the technology of wi-fi connections, public networks, etc.  But using process of elimination, I believe the culprit is the marginal nature of my conenction to a public wi-fi access point.  Any sort of 'burp' in the connection, will cause the freeze.  A prolonged belch, will either lock up the player, or disconnect me from my sling.


              I rarely use the sling at home, so I haven't explored whether the lockups occur on my home network.

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              I also can't stay on SB SOLO. I get kicked off about 20 sec. into it. We have reset everything. Also. Cant change the channel.