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    Weak or No video Signal detected---again!!!


      I run a win 7- 64 bit enterprise pc.  Have my slingbox pro HD sitting next to my cablebox- Scientific Atlanta Explorer 4200.  Got this one especially to run the slingbox since the HD's were having so much trouble with slingbox and tv.

      Get audio fine with EVERY connection.  Get SOME channels with a direct cable in from Cablevision.  These come thru as channels 2.2, 2.2 4.1 etc.

      I get NO video with anytoher connection but the error message weak or no video signal detected.

      The slingbox has a direct connection to my Linksys router that my computer is also plugged into.

      The cablebox output works fine through any connection to my tv but not with the slingbox pro.

      Anyone EVER solve this problem?  When the video source is composite or s-video my connection stays around 60 kbps.  With the cable direct I get 7610 kbps.