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    Where can I buy a new power adaptor in the UK?


      I have browsed through the forum and from previous discussions I think the trouble I am having is probably a faulty power adaptor.


      If I follow the links suggested by other members of the forum, I am taken to a US based purchasing site.


      Where can I buy a new adaptor for my Slingbox Solo in the UK?


      Thanks in anticipation

        • Re: Where can I buy a new power adaptor in the UK?

          Is the Power Adaptor that you have faulty? I have two slingbox solo products and both have failed AC Adaptors. If you have purchased your Solo within 2 years, they should replace free of charge if you call support on UK: (020) 7294 0157.


          If not, you can buy one here: http://uk.slingbox.com/go/buy - from what I understand the product is despatched from Europe.


          If you are within the 2 year warranty period, but purchased the slingbox over 90 days ago the guys in support will need to take a payment of £19.99 to open the replacement "ticket" but refund the value on the call. I am told this is then authorised by Slingbox Marketing but as this is a known fault it should be a formality.


          You can also buy an AC Adaptor from Maplin which does work for me. http://www.maplin.co.uk/Module.aspx?ModuleNo=49063