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    O2 UK Now blocking 3G access?


      I've just spent nearly an hour on the phone with O2, where a Technical Advisor has now told me that O2 are now blocking/starting to block access to Slingbox over their 3G network.

      He said that anybody that can still access over 3G will not be able to soon. Is this true?

      I have been trying to get my iPhone 4 to connect  over 3G since yesterday, but had no luck.

      My router & slingbox solo are configured fine, as is my iPhone (I know this because if I put my Three 3G sim into the phone, it connects over their network fine).

      Has anybody else has issues with O2 or are they still just blagging me? Can anyone else still access their slingbox using 3G on O2's network?

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          Can you not change the port to something like 80 or 25 which I'm sure they will allow.

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            I am having the exact same issue, I have just been told via Live Chat that they are not blocking Slingplayer and everything is active their end. I have tried ports 5001 (default) 443 & 80 nothing works, non local wifi is fine!


            Even tried using dynamic dns which works fine on my Mac at work. Nothing on the Phone



            Been on the phone to o2 and they swear there is no blocking going on of any kind! I can't think what else to do now?