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    Can only get Audio not Video from Slingbox HD using slinglinks or Linksys N WET610 Adapter


      I have Slingbox HD,  using slinglinks to connect to my cablebox via composite connections.    I am using a wirless router, Linksys 3000N, new router, which Slingbox seems to connected fine to my wireless Linksys since I am able to get connected.  Howver, my Sling Player on my Desktop is only getting around 85kbps speed,  so can't see  Video, but can only hear Audio.


      I called Slingbox tech support, they felt the Slinglink needs to connected to another electric wall outlet.   I did connect slinglink direct to electric wall outlet.  I even tried not using the Slinglink but use Linksys Wireless N WET610N adapter -- that ony gives me same type performance, can get wireless connection to my Slingbox, but speed is too slow, and only get audio, no video.


      Any suggestions?