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    Why do you bury your Desktop download


      What the heck happened to the usability of your site!  Every time I come to your site, I click on downloads to look for SlingPlayer Desktop and I cannot freaking find the download.  I have to go to some arbitrary link and through some combursome non-intuitive unusable flow to even get to the page for the download.


      What the heck?  This is so unusable.

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          I could not agree more, I am new to sling but not to the internet and this has to be one of the most poorly set up site I have ever seen. Downloads are buried, Mac software is buggy as ****.......not sure I am going to keep this Sling Pro HD , if things don't get better quick.

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              alanrichey42 Master

              I think you will find this is intentional.


              I don't have any inside knowledge but I suspect a decision was made a few months ago to discontinue work on the standalone players and just concentrate on the web-based player.   So the downloads were quietly moved to the background so new users would not know they existed and would assume the web-based player was the only option.  So the Mac player was left in a very old state and I suspect we will not get any updates to the PC version.


              Unfortunately there are some problems with the web-based player.  It is 100% reliant on the Sling servers so during the recent debacle with the server migration the support staff had to resort to recommending people revert to use SlingPlayer V1.5 to access their boxes  


              Also, like most Sling 'upgrades' it is has a lot less functionality than the standalone players.  In my own area of expertise of on-screen remotes, ALL the configurability (adding custom remotes, changing Remote skins..) has been removed


              So all we can do is continue to point people who read these threads to the download links (at least they haven't been removed)




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                  thank you for this link. I found it unbelievably annoying that this was not easy to find. It has been a while since I've setup a slingbox and I really did not want to use the webplayer. Case in point, the web app wouldnt let me configure my 'unconfigured' freshly reset slingbox without entering a password. the desktop software understands this. Frustrating sling team, frustrating...

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                      I think this move to a web-based player is all about eventually restricting viewing based on IP address/location.  You know how Netflix streaming is not available outside the USA?  (It figures it out by checking the IP address you are using.)  I know that one of the major complaints that cable providers have about Slingbox is that the technology can be used to monitor things like ad placement/frequency from outside the jurisdiction where the service is provided.  So, if I owned a company and paid for ads on a tv station in Iowa, I could hook up a Slingbox and sit in a sidewalk cafe in Paris and monitor how often my ad got played in Iowa.  That doesn't make the cable companies happy.  They don't want that kind of access to their programming from outside the service area.


                      I bet it makes license holders of more substantial content (TV shows, etc.) even more angry.  Warner Bros, FOX, etc., get paid lots and lots of money in exchange for licensing the content they own to specific markets.  Prices are determined by specific markets.  Some areas get a HUGE premium for the clearing houses.  If I live in NYC but can use Slingbox to watch my favorite TV shows from a cable box in Iowa, where FOX gets paid less per show by the local provider, then FOX has lost money.  Big money, when you multiply it by many, many viewers.


                      Basically, the providers and content owners want you to watch the content only where it has been licensed/provided, NOT using these Internet streaming services that are oblivious to the location of the viewer.  Netflix abides by these rules, but Slingbox desktop software does not, because it doesn't know what kind of signal is connected to the box--could be a cable box showing licensed content, or just a webcam where no licensing rules apply.


                      My advice: get the desktop software while you still can!

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                  I don't normally bother replying to forums, but I agree with the OP so strongly that I had to join in. Slingmedia; if you're reading this I recommend you pay attention. There will always be super users who require extra functionality such as that offered by the downloadable software. We don't mind that you make it difficult for us, but we require support too. Discontinuation of the desktop software would certainly prompt this user to look for an alternative product.