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    Iphone to Ipad


      I have slingbox on my iphone and was wondering will this app transfer over to my new IPAD or do I have to buy it again?

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          Hi, rtcad53.


          We recommend you to check this information.


          News about SingPlayer Mobile for iPad.


          We have been hard at work on an iPad version of SlingPlayer Mobile.  When it becomes available it will be priced at 29.99, the same as all of our SlingPlayer Mobile applications.  The new app will take full advantage of the iPad’s beautiful display.


          Note that the new SlingPlayer Mobile for iPad will only work with the Slingbox PRO-HD and Slingbox Solo.  Legacy Slingboxes, like the Classic, Tuner, AV and Pro, do not have the hardware capability to stream at the iPad’s higher resolution.  This means that customers who own a legacy Slingbox should NOT purchase the iPad app.


          If you have already purchased SlingPlayer Mobile for iPhone, it will continue to work in “Compatibility Mode” on the iPad at no extra charge.  The iPhone version of the app will stream from all Slingboxes, but not at the higher quality resolutions of the iPad app.


          We hope this information provides you with the answer you need. Besides, we also recommend you to check this link:

          SlingPlayer Mobile for iPad Sign up