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    Goes from 2000Kbps to 2-500kbps in 30 minutes


      My Slingbox Pro is placed on a 30/30Mbit fiber connection and I'm using SlingPlayer software on a 20/0.5mbit cable connection. The best quality I can get is just above 2000 Kbps. I mostly watch football (soccer) and almost every time during 1st half, the quality drops to below 500 Kbps, sometimes even worse. It quickly becomes impossible to watch because of the low quality.


      I can't seem to figure out what could be causing it. Tried to restart modem/router/slingbox at the slingbox place and modem/router at my place - but didn't help.


      Even once I noticed getting almost 2000 Kbps when using the browser based slingplayer at slingbox.com to watch, just minutes after I was getting only 200 Kbps in my software Sling Player. But after I disconnected and tried again, the quality was back to around 200 Kbps.


      What's my next course of action to figure out what the problem could be?