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    Frustrated: solo will not reset


      I purchased a solo in 2008.  It's collected dust as I've only used it for maybe 30 minutes since I got it.


      I decided to dust it off tonight.


      I plugged it in and logged in via a firefox browser interface.  It asked me to enter my admin password.  I could not remember it as it has been years.  Also, I have a new router.


      I followed the reset instructions.


      My device did the blinking lights as shown.  After 30 seconds or so, the network light came back on.


      I logged into my 2wire router and saw that that Solo box did acquire an IP.


      I set up a hole in the firewall on port 5001 to the solo box.



      Now the "slingbox setup" in the web browser says "Local Slingbox not detected."


      I downloaded the windows player.  Same thing.  Local slingbox not detected.



      I can ping the slingbox just fine.  The lights are all on.  I've tried "resetting" it 7 times now.