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    Unable to Connect to SlingBox.


      Hi everyone, I have had my slingbox solo for a few years but never really had any problums until now. Everytime that I try to connect to the Slingbox via the Player on my home network i get Connection Failed. I also reset the box and it's still doing the samething. I also checked to see if the cable is connected to the router and it is. I also checked the router to see if it has a ip address and it does. I also pingged the box and it is talking back to me.


      Any help would be great as I don't want to lose it.



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          Same thing just started happening to me.  I'm starting to wonder if it was this most recent update that I ran on the box when it prompted me last week....  The box has worked fine for years, & I should think that if this most recent update is indeed to blame, we should be able to get some help on the matter...


          Both the player software & the web player can see my (now "unconfigured" after the reset) box, but neither will connect to it.  The error when attempting to connect is 0x8007274d.  I can't get any further w/the web player b/c it keeps asking for the admin password.  Of course, I can't connect to the box using the player software to even set that password, so I'm at a stand still right now.  And angry.

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              I don't know what firmware update it is because I can't even run the setup. After I posted the message it let me do the setup but then it kind of locked me out. Meaning I can't connect to it. I'm even tempted to throw it out the window and having it ran over with cars.



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              I don't know why but I was messing around with some VPN's that i have access too and I can Connect to it that way but I can't connect to it directly at home. What is going one.

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                Same with me guys...I did an update about 2 weeks ago and I cannot connect remorely at all. In the house it can be seen on the desktop and the laptop. Out of the house on the laptop and sling catcher the slingbox can't be found. A hard reset was done on the slingbox and the router the software was reinstalled on the slinbox and router. After the software was reinsalled I got the message "You are now ready to watch TV anywhere in the world", HA sure! I have no Idea what to do.

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                  IM getting the same issue i think, i can go through the setup no problem, pick my cable box, can see the picture in the left mini box, but once i hit the power button in what seems like the final test, it turns off the tv, but cant turn it back on, then i get kicked out of the setup assistant and asked to do it over.


                  Any help would be greatly appreciated! Was onto sling and they now want me to pay $30 for a consultation!


                  But upside is they said if its a hardware issue they'll re-issue the box included in the price.

                  Any suggestions greatly appreciated...



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                    Hello Nocola and all,


                    It's very important first to connect the Slingbox hardwired to the router using a regular Ethernet cable (no longer than 7-8ft) then you need to hold the reset button for 20 sec to check if you can get solid lights again. Finally, you need to run the setup assistant using setup.slingbox.com or the SlingPlayer for Windows or Windows or Mac.


                    If you cannot run the setup assistant, it's necessary to check the firewall/anti virus settings, you can check this link;


                    Some Internet security and personal firewall software may interfere with your Slingbox, SlingPlayer or Setup Assistant


                    Finally if the issue persists, we recommend that you test the Slingbox in a different network just to make sure if the issue is with the Slingbox itself. If you determine that the Slingbox is the issue, we recommend that you give us a call


                    Contact Sling Media Support


                    Best regards

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                        My box was working fine until the update to firmware 2.05 last month.  The problem started with the TV losing audio.  Looking for a solution, I decided to reset the box.  Now, it will NOT connect to the network.  Nothing has changed in the network setup.  Only change is the firmware update.  I tried the suggestion of connecting the Ethernet cable to the box and my PC.  Am receiving a message of - Local Area Connection - A network cable is unplugged.  The network light on the box blinks about every 5 seconds, and the message flashes on the screen, but no steady connection is made.  The box never connects long enough to get an IP address.


                        What else can I do to get this box to function?  It was a present to my husband for father's day 2009 and he is very upset that a firmware update will leave him without service!  I understand his frustration and wish to find a solution to this issue.



                        Please help,


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                        Has anyone found a solution to this.  My Slingbox Solo just started to do the same thing sometime in January while I was travelling after working fine for 6 months.  When I returned my Slingcatcher says I have an unconfigured Slingbox on the network.  I tried to configure it but when the configuration wizard gets to the stage of loading settings for the Slingbox it comes back with the error message that it can not connect to the Slingbox.


                        I went through the reset process and this did not help.  I changed the network cable and reset my router with no success either.