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    Sling Status


      So, I just want to know how Sling is doing. I almost feel like this is a relationship at this point. I now depend on my Slingbox, it's part of my daily life. I live away from home... far away. But because of the Slingbox I get to watch TV with my spouse on a nightly basis, I get to set programs to record on my TiVo from MILES away, I get the ability to WOW my friends with "crazy" technology, I get to avoid yet another monthly bill by streaming my already paid for cable to my temporary home. It means A LOT!! This service cannot go away, at this point it's too crucial, too important. I became accustomed to a relatively steady amount of "Sling news" like "Sling comes to iPhone, Sling comes to Android, Sling announces this, Sling announces that..." Things have been silent for a while now and I have to be honest, it makes me nervous. I'm aware of the partnership with Dish Network but honestly I'd hate to see Sling put all their eggs in one basket. Why no new consumer hardware? What's the next step? Should I frantically be looking for an alternate solution "just in case"!? Sorry if my concern is misplaced or unwarrented, but where is Sling headed right now?

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          I should clarify... I'd like to see a Roku app, a Google TV app, and especially an Apple TV app. (my pick to win the upcomming streaming device war)  Sling needs to keep ahead of the curve, being a subsidiary of a cable/sat network doesn't seem to me to be a sustainable future. I hope I'm dead wrong and they're already hard at work on new and cutting edge apps.

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              I agree 100% with that. They need to keep up the great work they've done. I'm a bit surprised by the loss of the SlingCatcher. However, a Roku app or a PS3 app would go a long way to making me happy with Sling again.

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              Hi MorCinNet, I have moved your post to the Enhacement Request area due to this is not a technical question.


              If you want to know what's new in Slingmedia feel free to check the this link below:


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                I'm aware of the news section of the Sling site and it is the source of my frustration. At such a crucial time in the world of streaming media I guess I'm wanting to see Sling "throw some haymakers". Sling is such a FANTASTIC product, honestly I'd just like to see it do well. Again, if my comments are made to look silly in a few months, GREAT!

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                    I know I'm going to come accross as critical, but....


                    What happened to that "Sling coming to PS3 soon" back in late January? I actually purchased an extra PS3 instead of an already at the time "discontinued but still available at Best Buy" SlingCatcher around that time because of that news. Still waiting.... I imagine Sony might be behind that one though.


                    Windows7/iPad apps: Nice!! Good to know you guys are still alive!


                    Correct me if I'm wrong, but it seems to me both the Google TV and Boxee Box encourage 3rd party apps. Please tell me these are in the works. For now it seems as though Apple is pooping the bed until they open up an app store (unless I'll somehow be able to stream actual HD sling content from my iPhone/iPad/Mac via AirPlay... yeah right). I'm waiting (this time patiently) for a Sling presence on one of these streaming devices before I go nuts and buy one for every T.V. in the house (I'm assuming my extra PS3 is a delicious paperweight now).


                    Sling... If you're paying attention, I'll gladly pay a BEEFY app price for whatever you relesase. It's far cheaper than renting a craptastic extra cable box from Comcast or an extra TiVo box + cable card rental (I will not use DishNetwork, sorry).


                    My SlingCatcher works beautifully (mostly), but with these new streaming boxes and their fantastic abilities, it only makes sense to turn them into SlingCatcher 2.0.


                    Look, I'm a huge Sling fan. I'd say 95% of my television viewing is through Sling. Because of this I feel invested in the product moreso than my typical tech gear which is outdated every six months. If you don't have plans to replace that void left behind by the SlingCatcher then please re-release it somehow. With the final convergance of computers and cable boxes actually happening, keeping Sling primarily on smartphones and laptop/desktop web browsers is one small step behind what it should be (yes I have a comp hooked to a TV but it's too complicated for my wife and not cost effective for every TV in the house).


                    If I'm wrong and Sling news is abundant again than I'll be back on this forum doing whatever virtual chores and penances you'd have me do plus gladly giving you my money for your accomplishments.




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