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    Error code 0x8007274C


      My slingbox suddenly stopped working (while it was on) when I was abroad and gave me this error code 0x8007274C. I came home and it started working again. Next trip abroad same problem. Now I am home it doesn't seem to work anymore. I've reset the slingbox and reset internet viewing but it still doesn't work. I've looked through the Slingbox site and did what was suggested like running the Setup Assistant. Anyone else have the same problem?

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          For sometime now I have the same problem. I read somwhere that this is an issue with Sling.com server, many cannot connect- sling team's working on it. It's been a month already and it's still not resolved. I am upset (have solo and pro-hd) without service.

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               I have had the same problem.  My slingbox intermittently works abroad.  At home fine, but when out and about it is a **** shoot.  I have made sure my router was configured and all.  One time I was home and it worked locally.  I went on my broadband lap top stick to simulate going abroad and no joy.  I then configured my router again for Internet (by going locally).  I then went back on to my laptop stick (broadband) and it worked.  Switched back to local, all good.  I then went back to laptop stick (broad band-simulating abroad) and it worked again.  I thought the problem was resolveduntil  about 6 hours later I actually went abroad with laptop stick and a LAN line and it didn't work.  Mind you this LAN line abroad has worked intermittently also.  Slingbox's competitor always works abroad but the quality is always choppy.  I don't think the problem is the signal or strength because after I configured the router again, it worked.  I'll try again later and let you know.




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              I was experiencing this error today.  I am located in California and received this error while trying to access 2 difference HD Pro units - one in Massachussetts and one in Connecticut.


              The problem ended up being a power outage in Massachussetts, and my sister had disconnected the Slingbox at her home in Connecticut. 


              The power came back on in Massachussetts, and everything worked properly.  I learned that you can find power outage maps online, such as this one:  http://www1.nationalgridus.com/masselectric/stormcenter/ 


              This can be helpful for trying to determine if a power outage is the root cause.

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                  Thank you so much for returning my e-mail.  You must be right because I am able to pick up my Slingbox anywhere there is a strong enough signal.  Thanks.  I really hope that was the problem because I was getting discouraged and thought the error was on my end.  The excitement has returned and I'm ready to travel anywhere to see if it works.


                  Mike l