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    Which Would You Do?

    jimfitzgerald Apprentice

      I'm just curious which option you would choose.  I recently installed a Slingbox SOLO on my family room cable box.  It works great viewing on my laptop or my Droid.  The only problem is having to watch what the wife is watching.  We have a second cable box in our master bedroom.  So, I'm trying to decide should I purchase a second Slingbox SOLO for the bedroom for around $200 including tax, or should I rent a third cable box for $10 per month?  I'm inclined to purchase another Slingbox because I hate paying monthly fees.  I also don't like adding splitters to my cable tv/internet signal.  Wiring is a non-issue regardless of which way I go.  If I rent another cable box, I'll just move my Slinglink to another room wherever I put the 3rd box.  If I install a second Slingbox SOLO, I have a cat5 cable already running from that location to my router.  Financially, it's not that big a deal one way or the other.  Are there any technical considerations I'm missing?  Which would you do?