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    Pro HD Setup Issue


      I am a long time sling user and currently have multiple slingboxes (a 500 and 2 Pro HDs).


      Has Sling eliminated the ability to configure a Pro HD for use with an antenna?


      During setup the Coaxial configuration no longer looks like this image (as it always has).




      It now ONLY shows the 'External Box' option and looks like this:





      I cannot scan the tuner for channels and therefore cannot use the device for the reason I purchased it - for OTA signal. This is the only slingbox that has a TV tuner built in, so am I out of luck?


      I am hoping this is a temporary glitch with the setup site and that Slingbox is not abandoning its loyal customers!!


      Anyone - Please HELP!

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          I found a way around it. No help from Sling. Customer service service rep told me they dont support Pro HD and couldn't help me.


          Here is the way to program your Pro HD tuner for use with an antenna:


          Goto downloads and install the unsupported version 2 of the desktop slingplayer (windows). It still has the antenna option when configuring input sources.

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            So how can we can't used Pro HD anymore?..I spent 30$ on there apps before.now we can't even  used are we getting new replacements for It?. or can we just SUE them for not giving us anything in return. Am A long time customer too.

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                Read my post above. You can configure the Pro HD using the windows desktop software version 2, available under downloads. As long as this software continues to run on windows, you will be able to configure your Pro-HD.