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    Connection problems after switch from DSL to Cable

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      I recently changed internet providers, switching from DSL to Cable. During the evaluation period, both routers are active, so I've been able to do a direct comparison. I have no problems connecting from the DSL router to my Slingbox HD, but when I try connecting thru the cable router (either wired or wireless) I get an error message:

      "Your Slingbox has been disconnected because of an internal error or poor Internet connection. Click on Reconnect to try again.Click here for more information. P-16"

      I performed a speed test the routers:

      Cable: Ping 14ms, Download 39.24 Mbps, Upload 6.13 Mbps.

      DSL:  Ping 23ms, Download 26.28 Mbps, Upload 9.14Mbps

      The DSL router has a higher upload speed, but both routers are well within the requirements for Slingbox. I did also logged onto the cable router and verified that UPnP is enabled.

      Any ideas what the problem could be??