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    Problem setting up Pro HD


      When I recently reset my Slingbox Pro HD, I can't set up the coax connection.  I use an over the air antenna and the signal at the slingbox is fine.  This unit was working until I reset it to scan for new channels.


      Here's what happens:

      Login and find my slingbox, indicates not yet configured.

      1."Get Started" tab (Congratulations, we've detected)--->Next

      2."Slingbox Settings" (Your Slingbox is up-to-date)--->Next

      3. "Where is your slingbox located?" Drop down box has no options, just blank...

      Also, on some attempts this screen hangs for up to 3 minutes before I can click on the boxes (greyed out/working circle in corner)

      Give the box a name, type in a password---->Next

      Says detecting video...then  No video detected on coaxial input, you need to scan.

      I hit Next and it asks what type of connection do I have? and only gives me the one option called "External Box".

      In the past it has offered Antenna or Cable at that point.


      It seems like something changed on the web setup, I have 3 Pro HDs and I usually have not had problems setting them up.

      I just want to get to the point where it scans my antenna, any ideas?


      UPDATE: After also breaking another Pro HD at another location (which had been working fine) I can see that the problem is not just me.  I think it centers around the location/country being broken in the firs dialog where you name the box and set the password.  I suspect that many users will be frustrated until this gets fixed.

      How do we get Slingbox's attention so they will support the hardware we purchased from them?


      It seems silly that we have to go through their web setup just to scan for channels.  Why can't they leave working software alone?


      Can anyone help with this?


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