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    My remote (SMT-C5320) won't work on a Pro-HD but works fine on a Solo on the same network. HELP!!!

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      Hello everyone, I have a Slingbox Solo that I've been using for years and have had to reconfigure numerous times and it went smoothly. I recently picked up a Slingbox Pro-HD to use on another box and I'm having an issue with the remote. Both Sling's are setup with a Cablevision SMT-C5320, but for some reason, the Slingbox Pro-HD's remote is grayed out. Also, the guide is blank, which I think may also have something to do with it. If anybody has some suggestions I would greatly appreciate it. I have performed a factory reset, configured it about 5X, swapped IR emitters with the Slingbox SOLO, checked for firmware updates, and tried multiple browsers on a PC and a Mac.