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    empty directory on windows app

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      My sling boxes show up when I log in with my android phone but on my windows 10, on a freshly downloaded slingplayer app I log in and it only tries to search the network for a slingbox. It never shows my other slingboxes in the directory. Any tips to get the app to work? I've think I've given up on the web.


      I thought I could get the app to work, I can't even get the website to work. on IE it keeps trying to download the plugin, I run it but it doesn't actually install the plugin.

      On Firefox it just spins forever initializing.

      Chrome says it isn't supported.


      The only way I can watch a sling is with my phone. Sorry I'm ranting a little I'm just so frustrated I've been fighting this for a month giving up every time.


      IE 11 java 8.111 (I hate java to the pit of my soul)

      It looks like the plug-ins for IE or Firefox just don't actually ever show up in the plugin area.