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    cable set top box - Siligence SGS72xx - on-screen remote

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      Hi everyone,


      I've bought a slingbox 350 but my cable set top box isn't listed and none of the on-screen remotes will work.

      There is a new operator named "Orange" (previous mobistar) in Belgium next to telenet that offers TV + internet trough cable network.

      Since Orange doesn't provide any solution to watch TV on smartphone or tablet a slingbox a very interesting alternative.


      My remote looks like this:



      The cable box type is from Siligence, model SGS7233MB from a french company, datasheet: http://www.siligence-sas.fr/app/download/1345711/SGS72xx%20Datasheet.pdf


      and looks like this:




      I've tried already all other 'Orange' products listed in the slingbox setup but none of them provide a working on-screen keyboard