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      Hi if i am watching TV on my cable box the sling player is connected to is it possible to watch a different channel on the sling player? For example if i am watching channel 2 on my TV can i change the channel on the sling player without it affecting what im viewing on TV?

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          Thank you for participating in the Answers Forum. I see, you would like to know, if your able to change channel on the Slingplayer app without affecting the viewing channel on the TV. Unfortunately, at this point in time it is not possible to have 2 viewing channels on the TV & the Slingplayer app.




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            Verizon FIOS upgraded my cable box to the Arris VMS1100. Now I do not get any signal on my sling player whether its on my iphone or on the PC. The setup is the same; the cables are connected to video out on the cable box to video in on the sling player.


            Is this a compatibility issue with the new box?