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    I'm about to throw my pc out the window!!!

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      Suddenly yesterday when i try to launch 'netwatch.slinbox.com' - i get redirected to plugin set up....when \i try to set up 'get started'.....it says 'We're sorry, but your web browser, operating system, or the combination of both is not currently supported by the Slingplayer plug-in. Please use a different browser or click here for more information.


      When i click here it goes to the help page and automatically go to the slingplayer home page. When there I click help, go to the same page and it happens again. When \i try to contact the ireland support number it says service is discontinued. When i call the US number they will only tal to me if i pay $29


      Can anybody help please????!!!!! I tried updating my windows system - it is up to date. I've tried on chrome and edge browsers - still the same problem