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    m2 setup


      I have slingbox 2 with 2 audio and 3 video ports, my direct tv box has 2 audio, 1 digtal audio, 1 video port. My direct tv box is model h25 slingbox goes to h24. what do i do for setup

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          Thank you for posting in the Answers Forum. I see, you're having trouble connecting your Slingbox M2 to your cable set-top box. With the information provided, it shows that you will need to connect composite cables (Standard Definition) from cable box to Slingbox. Below is a link with information on how to connect your Slingbox M2.


          Slingbox.com - Getting started with your Slingbox M1 or Slingbox M2


          Composite inputs (RCA connection)- The white is for the left audio, the red is for the right audio, and the yellow is for video.




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