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    Cannot play or erase programs


      I have the Slingbox 500 and have been using it since it came out.  In the last week or two, I've been having a problem with using the sling ap when away from the house.  It used to be fully functional, now I am experiencing a few problems.  Problem 1: When typing in a channel, all the numbers are not processing.  When I try to type 1140, it only registers as 140 at best, giving me the wrong channel.  I can fight with it but to no avail.

      Problem 2: When trying to access my DVR (using sling for Uverse), I can pull up all the menus, navigate easily, but when I try to select a program to watch by hitting "ok" on the sling remote while having "play" selected on my DVR, nothing happens.  I can repeatedly hit "ok" for 10 minutes and cannot get a program to start.  Every other function works well, I can go back in the menu, select something else (all using that 'Ok' button) and it works fine.  Once I select a new program, when I try to initiate with the "ok" button, nothing happens.  If I circumvent the Sling system I can get a program started and everything works fine (FFWD, Pause, Play, etc).  At the end of my program, the menu comes up to: keep program, play again, or erase.  I encounter the same problem when trying to erase a finished program as when I try to initiate the program in the first place.  This is very frustrating and started one day out of the blue after years of working properly.


      I have tried to redownload the Sling ap, which did not correct the issue.  Not sure where to go from here.