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    Guest account set up on M2

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      I just recently bought a M1 and discovered the guest account option was removed so I went out and purchased a M2.


      Can you create guest accounts on the M2? Please say yes. I reviewed the knowledge base info and followed the steps, however, after I go to setup.slingbox.com, when I try to follow the instructions (below), I never get an options page like the one shown below.  It goes straight from the "get started" button to showing TV.


      I can't find anywhere in the settings after that to setup a guest account.


      Help please!!!!!!



      Remember, even though you give your friend or family member guest access to your Slingbox, you are still its administrator.

      1. Log in to your Sling Account, go to setup.slingbox.com and select your Slingbox.
      2. Click Add a guest user under your Slingbox name.