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    Remote control dissapeared from the Slingplayer.


      Ive been using my slingbox solo for 5 months without any problems until lately - my remote has disappeared and wont come on when using the slingplayer or the web-based player (i would of pressed the "show remote" button but its gray and not very responsive)

      after reseting several times, downloading, installing new and old versions i have expirienced same problems like not getting a list of manufacturers showing up and so on.

      after few days ive been succesfully installed and ran both web-based and slingplayer with the remote - but alas - after i close and open again the remote just disappeared AGAIN.

      in the web-based player im able to see the remote but unable to press the buttons.

      so ive reseted and installed AGAIN, this time the list of manufacturers did show and installation was complete with no problems, the remote came back but not for long - when i closed and open first time it came back but the second time its gone again...


      help would be greatly appreciated.