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    TCL Roku TV's can't find my app

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      I d/l the app on our iPad  for $14.99 about a year ago and it worked fine up until about 3 weeks ago.  Now when I open the app it only shows me the mirror icon intermittently.  I then paid the $14.99 again to d/l the app on my Android and getting the same results.  When it does show the mirror icon I can connect but then I get a message saying that someone else is trying to view it.  it's only the wifw and I and we understand that we can't watch at the same time.  I just did a hard reset on the 500 and hard resets on both the iPad and Android and still the same results.  Deleted the app from the Roku TV then reinstalled.  same results.  HELP!!!!  Going out of our minds and really don't want to go back to paying 2 cable bills.  Thanks!!