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    Can't connect to slingbox

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      I just received the M2 slingbox and am trying to set it up.  Info;

      Slingbox is on and connected.

      Power light is solid

      Network light is solid.  I can log into my home (Brighthouse) router and see that it's been given an IP address on my local network.

      Light in sling logo is flashing as it should for initial set up.

      I have tried using the slingplayer desktop app to connect to the slingbox for initial set up.  Windows 10 Pro, windows defender off, no other anti-virus software.  Even tried turning off windows firewall.  Laptop is connected via Ethernet to the same lan switch as the slingbox Ethernet cable is connected.  I can ping the slingbox from the laptop I am trying to set it up with.

      During set up the slingplayer app goes to the detecting slingbox's part and errors out saying that it can't find a sling player on my network.


      Hard reset the sling box by holding in the reset button with a paper clip until the led's flashed twice per instructions.


      Did I just get a bad box from amazon and need to send it back?