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    Slingbox 350 - AT&T Uverse remote issues


      I have had my Slingbox 350 since January 2015.  99% of the time, I am using the webplayer.  The remote has always been pretty terrible, but I was always able to navigate using the box where you can enter the numbers on the keyboard and hit enter.


      However, last night I started experiencing a glitch where i cannot use this (or any other method) to get to channels that have repeated digits back to back.  For example, I can get to 1505 or 1602.  If I enter 1002 or 1004, only one of the 0 entries is accepted and the channel changes to 102 or 104.  If I try to change to 1105, I go to 105.   This same thing happens if I use the virtual remote, the favorites list, the number box, or either of the slingplayer guides.


      I tried power cycling everything - slingbox, uverse box, router.  No luck.  Again, worked for almost 2 years and just stopped yesterday.



      Any ideas?