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    Slingbox online support in the UK near impossible

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      The UK website www.slingbox.com/en-GB  is IMPOSSIBLE to use other than for buying slingboxes.  When you try trigger support (or anything else), the big red banner at the top then overwrites whatever sub-page you are watching, by scrolling through the sales messages,  making it impossible to browse help pages or community pages.  When you come to the UK Home page  from anywhere else  (eg having googled a problem) the same thing happens.

      Sling's reputation - and presumably sales - is suffering very badly in the UK. It's bad enough that the UK gets only what are 'old'  Slingbox models. It's unforgiveable that this problem with the website makes it impossible to get help other than via chargeable phone service (if you are able to make contact with the service).

      PLEASE, Sling... you have (had) a lot of long term supporters over here, and we have been abandoned. I am about to give up, having bought my 4th Slingbox, but can't get it working properly..  THIS HAS BEEN REPORTED MANY TIMES!!!!

      Others in the UK - can you join me in echoing my complaint - or tell me how you've got around the website problem?


      [I've only managed to input this message using a non-standard browser, but any attempts to follow up responses from the forums takes me back via the dreaded impossible Home page!!) 

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          I agree, there used to be good support to be had using the 02072940157 UK telephone support. The guy was always very helpful. I had not used it for a year or so but when I needed it today there is just a message telling you to go to www.slingbox.com. This only gives a USA telephone support number. Very very poor UK support from Slingbox.