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    Slingbox connection lost after 5-30 minutes consistently


      I have an M1 and use the Amazon Fire Stick to stream. The connection works great but after somewhere between 5 and 30 minutes it consistently fails and says alert connection failed.


      I've never had it stay connected beyond 30 minutes using my Fire Stick.  Oddly enough If I connect thru my laptop or phone it stays connected for hours and I've never had it disconnect.  Additionally I use other streaming apps thru the Fire Stick (i.e. WatchESPN) and they never disconnect.


      To date I've done hard restarts or reinstalled everything involved (M1, router, Slingbox desktop app, Slingbox Fire Stick app) and the issue remains.  I've even replaced the router with a newer one and no difference with a different router, still disconnects after several minutes.


      Any suggestions what is going on between the Slingbox and Fire Stick?  Are there any router settings I can try or is this just a bad app?


      Update: When I change the quality to Good (instead of Better or Best) the connection stays solid without drops.  The app drops between 5-30 minutes in when the Best or Better quality is used.  That's odd to me since i'm on my LAN, ethernet cord to the Slingbox, and the Fire Stick is right next to the router that does 80 down and 10 up (which shouldn't matter since this is all going through the LAN so I should be able to stream perfect quality in theory).  If anyone has figured this out please let me know.