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    No option to cast


      I have a slingplayer 500 and purchased the android app.  I was on vacation a couple weeks ago, and the cast icon didn't show up when I connected by chromast.  I was able to cast youtube and the icon was there.  I spent an hour on the phone with chromcast, and nothing.  I then tried the app on my android phone and the same problem.  I return home from vacation and purchased a new Roku stream stick.  I have 2 Roku  players in my house and it worked with them.  Again, no cast symbol.  I called Roku, spent 45 minutes on the line, and they told me to call Slingbox.  That is when I started to get upset.  Slingbox is a great product, but your customer service sucks.  After the warranty, you are on your own.  You post  your problem, no one has a solution.  I spoke to a woman, who cheerfully told me that it would cost 30.00 to get help.  She said that there are some known issues with Roku but none with Chromcast.  I said, I don't mind spending the money, if you can guarantee a solution.  I am not going to throw away money and be told, sorry.  She told me to wait and see what happens, if Slingbox receives more complaints about the issue.  I know it is not Roku, or Chromcast, because other things work.  I spent 15.00 on the app, and can't use it.  Please advise what is going on.  I deserve some sort of answer.  Thanks in advance....Steven Franklin