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    Pro HD Power Supply Bad


      Not sure if anyone else is having this problem.  My slingbox pro hd stopped working.  The power light is on and the horseshoe is solid but the network light is off.  I tested everything and the network cable and router etc all work with laptop.


      I borrowed a good power supply and everything lit up correctly and I could watch over my laptop again.  So, I went to slingbox and ordered a power supply, the website said in stock.  Once the order was taken I get an email that says they are on back order.  I talked to Slingbox support, Digital River (who runs the online store) and noone can tell me when they will be in stock.  From reviewing these forums this is a somewhat common problem.  I will say, I've never had the power adapter go bad on any consumer electronics and I've got tons.


      I have called Radio Shack, Frys, Altex etc and none of them have a 5V 4A power supply of any kind.  They have never heard of such high amperage on a 5V supply.


      So.....my question is, does anyone know where to get another power supply other than from Slingbox, which doesn't have them, probably because it's such a common problem they can't keep them in stock.  You can probably read that I'm frustrated, but thank you in advance if you have any advice on fixing this issue.




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          Lancer Newbie

          I was just about to head out to Radio Shack to buy a replacement power supply.  glad I read this and avoided wasting time searching.  My power supply and slingbox had the same symptons.  I am now using the power supply now from my Solo and it works fine.  Like you, I have a ton of equipment and have never had a power supply go.  


          It sounds like Sling has a supplier who is not so good.

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            Hi Cparkhorn and all,


            If you still haven't found a power supply for your PRO-HD, I recommend that you contact us so we can fix this for you as soon as possible


            Contact Technical Support

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                So how do I contact your support group.  I bought this in December 2011, so I'm outside of your stupid 90 day window.  This tells me your company doesn't have much faith in its products if you will only supply help for 90 days.  Your website is perhaps the most frustrating I've ever been on, and I've been on a lot.  It just takes you on a continuous loop.  I'm not interested in what others THINK might be the problem.  I want this thing to work.  Not only did I pay $300 plus for this, I also paid the $30 for the iPhone app.  Hadn't used the slingbox in over a month, and tried to set a DVR recording from my iPhone.  Got a message that I wasn't connected to the internet. Came home and checked things out, and can't even get the power light to illuminate. I'm a director for a fortune 100 company, and I can tell you that if we treated customers like you do, we wouldn't be in business long... and I'm sure you won't be either.  Please give me a phone number so I can speak to someone about how to fix this thing.  I do not have time to mess around with **** like this.

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                  I have the same issue and I have been on hold for over an hour with technical support and just listening to music. 


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                  My Pro HD experience the same problem. The power supply/adapter died.  Pretty frustrating. Based on these frequency of these threads, it seems that there's a manufacter's defect w/ the power adapter.

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                    Evidently...... mine is bad as well, as I have same symptoms as OP. Has anyone found a source for these, or does Sling have them now?

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                      Forgot I had a sling catcher, which uses the same power supply. I can report that it does in fact fix the issue and my Sling Box is back in business. 

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                          I also have a faulty power supply.


                          My pro-hd stopped working - same issue as a lot of ppl above, all lights were solid on front except the network light. I then swapped my slingcatcher power supply in and it worked fine.


                          Anyone know where to buy these things? They're out of stock on sling's website.


                          On another note, sling's customer service is pretty terrible. I have 2 pro-hds, 2 classics, a sling catcher, and paid sling apps on 2 iphones and 1 ipad. Yet they want to charge $30 to tell me that the power supply they provided was faulty and then $20 more to buy another one (if they ever happen to get it back in stock).


                          Makes you want to never buy another sling product...

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                              So glad I found this thread...    I have exactly the same problem---the power light is on and the red horseshoe is solid but otherwise dead.   Has anyone had any luck getting a replacement power supply?


                              Pretty amazing they charge you $30 just to diagnose the problem---clearly this is more of a widespread problem.

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                            So I have same powersupply problem with my Pro-Hd - no reset possible, even after unplug, re-power, hold button for 30 seconds. I just talked to slingbox support - no freebie replacement powersupply for folks out of warranty! I must pay $19.95 - which I am willing to do. Went to parts order  - then surprise surprise the powersupply is out of stock!

                            Pitiful support - pitiful!

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                              I did buy one from Radio Shack and haven't found a problem yet.  Their power supplys aren't as powerful as the HD OEM (less amps) but get their biggest one or as close as you can to the correct amperage.


                              FYI, I did write a letter to SB and basically said that "because they have a bad supplier, that does not make it our problem"  They are just passing the cost along for them going on the cheap for the OEM power supply.


                              I will not buy another Sling box product because of this.  Period


                              Kudos to Radio Shack

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                                I just bought a power supply made by Circuit Test.




                                It's a 5.0V 5.0A unit that is more robust than the OEM Slingbox one. Ask you local electronic parts store to order it. Cost me only $22 at Lee's Electronics in Vancouver, BC.

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                                  I have had my solo for almost two years and last night it bit the dust.  After much research I was not sure what the problem was.  I figured the whole unit just died.  I decided to purchase the pro HD.  Well I just tried to set it up and I run into the same issue as with the solo.  Not reading the network.


                                  I figured let me just plug the pro hd power supply into the solo and well... it works now.  The solo that is.


                                  So my solo works with the pro hd power supply but the pro hd doesn't work at all.  I guess my trip back to best buys for a full refund on the pro hd and head over to radio shack for a new power supply.


                                  Glad I stumbled on this thread.

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                                    After several months of trouble-free operation, my Slingbox Pro HD developed the same symptom described elsewhere in this thread: power LED on, network LED off (not flashing) when connected to a known-good router port. Since the unit is still under warranty, I called tech support. They're sending another power supply. As it turns out, they're right: the power supply is at fault.


                                    I work as an engineer at a networking equipment manufacturer, so I decided to drag the Slingbox and power-supply into our hardware lab for some triage. The supply, a Ktec KSAFF0500400W1US is supposed to produce ~20w worth of 5 volts, DC. I expected to find that the supply was wilting under load; producing more like 4.6 volts. In my day-job, I've seen that scenario cause Ethernet MAC / PHY problems more than once.


                                    What I found was a bit unexpected: In both no-load and loaded conditions, measured with a calibrated multimeter, the supply actually produces 5.3 volts.


                                    I did some minor cable surgery to power the Slingbox from a bench supply adjusted to exactly 5.0 volts, and plugged it into a handy Ethernet switch.  Normal operation immediately restored.

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                                      It took 3 months for my 2nd power supply. After demanding to get my slingbox HD replaced, they first sent me a new slingbox, and since that didn't work with my broken power supply, they sent new power supply. Mind you, my slingbox is across the country. This sure was an *** backward way to solve a very simple problem.


                                      That said, it also appears Sling is finally taking this problem seriously with their flash message about power supply problems.


                                      See: https://community.sling.com/index.jspa


                                      Screen shot 2011-09-19 at 8.39.20 PM.png


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                                        Hi, cparkhorn and all


                                        It seems that you are having some issues with the Slingbox Power Supply. Use the link below for Sling Support contact information.


                                        Contact Sling Media Support



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                                          I have similar problem with my power supply as well.  I just burned the 2nd one within the last 20 months (I brought my 2nd power supply from Slingbox).  It seem like their power supply can only lasted for 10 months. I am getting a new power supply from third party. Hope they will last longer than those from Slingbox.

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                                            mattab Newbie

                                            Hi do you think the below problems could be related to power supply problems? My SB is only 4 months old?


                                            Hi, today when coming home I could not watch my SB Pro-HD theCode:W200 came up indicating communication problem with my SB. On the SB the Power Lamp lit with full intensity and the Network lamp is just glowing with low intense. I tried several times to reset the SB without success (nothing happen at all). The lamps continues to lit as described. I made power offs, various lengts in pressing the rest button, restarted the Router several times etc. etc. My router indicate - no contact with the SB since the designated IP which was designated to the SB doesn't come up. So also the information received when trying to Watch as W200 saying make sure your SB is connected to the internet.

                                            How to do? Could it possibly the AC adapter or is the SB out of order???

                                            Would be utterly grateful for ideas and answers!

                                            Thanks in advance!


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                                                chakkarinen Apprentice

                                                After reading someone else's post about purchasing a replacement power supply from an alternative source that has the same 5 volt output but a higher amperage capacity, I decided to purchase a backup from this source, in case my original equipment power supply should ever fail.   So far, so good. But at least I have a spare handy.


                                                I doubt that the power supply failure is solely related to hours of service.   If there are problems with the line current, or overheating of the SB due to inadequate air circulation around it, such conditions might stress a power supply that is even brand new, especially if the amperage capacity of the power supply is only marginally larger than the current draw demanded by the SB.

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                                                  mattab Newbie

                                                  Many thanks Chakkarinen and all others whom have read abot my problems. I now found out (thanks to the Forum) that my Power Adaptor was malfunctioning and I went to one of our Swedish local shops (Clas Ohlsson) and bought a new one for Sek 399 abt. EUR 45. Installing the new one it was like magic!=) the SB started immediately to work!

                                                  Happily this happened while being at home for a short while before going abroad for another session!

                                                  Many thanks for the valuable Forum and the headline Power problems....!!!

                                                  Now I will enjoy my TV network again!



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                                                  My unit - a PRO HD , just stopped working. I mean all lights are out and resetting does not help.


                                                  Looks like the power supply is bad.


                                                  I am in the free service period but cannot find the contact number for service.


                                                  Any one have either problem?


                                                  Thank you

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                                                      Brandon.Sling Apprentice



                                                      You can call us at (877) GO SLING (467-5464). Give us a jingle, and we'll help you out.


                                                      Sling Media Support Team

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                                                          I had the same problem as above with the power light on, network light out, and the Sling horseshoe light on.


                                                          Called 877- GO-Sling ... they are STILL clueless after how many years of this problem ( and the solution is on their own support forum).  The service rep told me (like others on the thread), ..."It can't be a power problem since your power light in on.  It must be a network thing and you're out of you're service period.  We have to charge you for our troubleshooting expertice


                                                          Thanks but no thanks


                                                          This thread was magic!... New Power Supply...back to normal

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                                                            Read my comments below. Why not have Sling just fess up to having this problem??? This is a power supply issue, has been proven out many, many times, and this forum can't possibly be swaying pre-purchase customers into your camp. Is there anyone there at Sling, at a high enough level, to just get on here and answer this?? Or, is this about selling $20 power supplies and your "support service" which is what it would appear from ignoring this for so long.


                                                            Sling, take a lead form Logitech and their battery issues on the Harmony One and the amazing support they offered and contrast with this BS Sling does.

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                                                          I went to Bestbuy in Orlando because there was to be slingbox demonstration. They did not show up. I bought a pro. It worked for 5 minutes before the power supply gave out. Here I see the problem has existed since 2010 at least and the first announcement on the forum page is "power supply problem? we want to help. I returned the cheaply made piece of junk.

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                                                              The Slingbox, in and of itself, works very well after many years (5+) of use to include on my Iphone ****. The power supply issue is another matter and it's amazing to me that they have not figured this out yet at Sling. My HD went about 4 years without issue, until this. The replacement is only $20, so in the big scheme of things is a drop in the bucket, but should not be an issue at all. The power supply may be a cheaply made piece of junk, but I can't say that for either the Slingbox or Catcher I own.


                                                              An example of a good product, well supported, is the Logitech Harmony One. This is an amazing future proof remote I've owned for years, then a battery issue was discovered and much to their credit, when you called them with the issue, they sent you a brand new remote, no questions asked, no cost. You didn't even need to send old one back. When you called, they admitted this was a known issue, and went out of their way to take your information and ship you a new one. That is how to treat customers and why I own quite a few Logitech devices.


                                                              Evidently nobody at Sling reads their own forums??? Or don't care.


                                                              **** Note: The Sling App for Iphone is, by far, the most expensive one I have at $30, but does work very well.  

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                                                              i thought i had a power supply problem.  lights came on for a few seconds.  i called and they quickly sent another power supply.  it arrived but did not solve the problem.  i called and they promptly agreed to send a replacement unit with a shipping label for returning the broken unit.  it was all quick and easy. 

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                                                                I'm not sure if this is a PS problem, but after I plugged my sling box pro in the lights are all flashing rapidly and I can not get them to stop nor can I connect.  Has anyone every had this problem?

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                                                                    Yup, just had my third power supply die, since the purchase of my Slingbox Pro HD back in 2009.  Whenever my power supply has an issue...it's the same thing: can no longer connect, all the lights on the Slingbox light up except the network light, and it's basically a brick sitting in my living room.



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                                                                        Have a look at the power supply Master mentioned above, it's been working fine for me for the past year and a half.  The sling ones just won't last.

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                                                                            tcaradonna Novice

                                                                            I think that deserves a contact to Slingmedia.  You shouldn't have to pay for that many.  Clearly they are defective.  I've been fortunate that none of mine have had any problems (I have 2 pro-hds and 2 slingcatchers that all use the same model).


                                                                            However, with all the problems that people have with them, I have a few spares around, just in case.

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                                                                        I am having the same problem with my solo I think.  My power led just blinks as does the network light (just not as bright). I have reset, unplugged, gone crazy  Since when does a power adapter go bad.  Slingbox should replace for free.