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    Upgraded to apple IOS 10.1.1 and box shows unconfigured

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      I upgraded my apple iphone to IOS 10.1.1 and now I get an error on my phone slingbox app that says "The box is currently un-configured. Please configure this box using slingbox setup and try again".  Slingplayer works on my PC and ipad (older IOS). I keep having to reprogram a remote on the computer which never saves as well. It seems every time apple does an IOS update, this problem occurs.  For this reason, I am not updated my ipad until this is resolved.

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          I see you're having trouble getting your Slingbox to work properly with your updated apple iphone. We're currently looking into the issue. We've been able to identify the problem and our engineering is working on a fix right now. The fix will require an update to the app. We the forum community, will keep you posted as soon as we submit the updated app to the app store.

          Although, Slingbox customers have successfully accessed watch.Slingbox.com through a different browser such as Chrome, Internet Explorer or Firefox.



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