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    Need advanced assistance for confounding startup freeze problem with Slingplayer


      I'm an advanced IT professional who's having a problem with Slingplayer on a Windows 7 machine.  I have exhausted all self-help options, including safe mode, uninstall and reinstall, deactivating my antivirus software, and nothing makes any difference.

      The problem is that Slingplayer only works the FIRST time after a boot.  Every subsequent attempt to use it results in this behavior:

      1. You see the slingplayer logo against a black background
      2. The logo disappears, leaving only the black background
      3. A wheel and "loading" appears, but the wheel doesn't turn.  The program is frozen on this screen
      4. While it's frozen, there is still disk, network, and task manager activity, but all that happens is that the slingplayer desktop.exe modules in memory consume more and more memory until the program fails.  Then you're left with this:


      I have no problem at all running the same version of the program on my Windows 10 machine.  Is there any advanced help available for a non-generic problem like this one?