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    500 Network Connection not working?

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      My Sling500 has been working via hardwire ethernet for 1.5 years.  No issues at all. All of a sudden the ethernet connection no longer works. I tried to connect via wireless. The box see's the wireless networks but will NOT connect. I have reset the box, validated the router is working correctly and also swapped out ethernet cables. Concerned that it won't connect wirelessly either.  Does anyone know why the network connections (hardwire and wireless) would suddenly stop working and how to correct this problem?

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          I understand you're having trouble trying to connect your Slingbox 500 to your home network. I also see, that you have tried several troubleshooting steps. Although, it would of been best if you would of specify what type of reset you did to the Slingbox 500.


          Below is a helpful link on how to hard reset your Slingbox 500.


          Slingbox.com - How to reset your Slingbox

          A hard reset completely purges all existing settings and configuration, and requires you to set your Slingbox back up again.


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              Hello Jennifer.

              I did a Hard Reset on the Sling.  I also reset the router that it is directly plugged into.  The router is supporting other devices (DirectTV Receiver) with no issue so I am assuming the router is fine.


              After the Hard Reset on the sling I did not have the network light on. However, I was able to connect to my network wirelessly and the Sling began to download all the updates.


              However, the direct ethernet connection is not working and the router is fine?  I really need to have the ethernet port working as it provides for much better quality of picture.


              Any ideas?


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              Yes, I have tried a different ethernet cable.  I have also changed the port on the router.  I tested the router and all of its ports and the router and the ethernet cable are fine. All other devices have full internet access via the router.  The SlingBox is the only device where the ethernet port is not working.  Any suggestions?