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    Can't connect

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      I'm away and trying to get some tv. I tried all my devices iphone5 answer S2 tablet, and it gets stuck (Optimizing) I rest the modem through the phone and sling says system is OK. Am I missing something ? Do I need to do a soft restart and can I do it remotely. Thanks for the help

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          I see you're having trouble trying to get your Slingbox to work. Have a look at the link below, it will help you soft reset your Slingbox.

          Slingbox.com - How to reset your Slingbox

          • The most common reason for performing a soft reset of your Slingbox is because it has become unresponsive. This is rare, but can sometimes happen. A soft reset is a quick way to get going again.



          If your issue persists, you may wish to hard reset your Slingbox.


          • A hard reset wipes out all configurations, settings, and (usually) software updates from your Slingbox. After you perform a hard reset, you'll need to reconfigure your Slingbox again.




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