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    The Achilles Heel of Slingplayer and Slingboxes

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      This seems to be a general problem with all (?) Slingboxes using the Web-based Slingplayer.  Things periodically stop working without any obvious reason, and the only way you can right things is to do a hard reset of the Slingbox.  If you are away from home, you are out of luck until you get back home.  The whole system can't do what it specifically was designed to do.  Compounding this basic problem is the fact that there is virtually no customer support if your Slingbox is out of warranty other than writing a note on this community chat and hope that someone has some good advice.


      Can you help?  My system:  two Slingboxes HD Pro connected directly to a very fast Verizon FIOS router with separate static wired connections and port forwarding.  When things are working, each Slingbox connects at 40 Mbps or better, both locally and remotely.  Everything works well.  Then things stop working, with either one or both Slingboxes, remotely and locally.  "Network Error".  Hard reset time.  I have tested the router connection to the malfunctioning Slingbox and can ping the Slingbox successfully.  This leads me to believe that there are serious bugs in the Slingbox firmware (updated, of course).  Does anyone have a better explanation?  Better yet, is there a fix?  Do others have this same problem?  Is it a problem with all Slingboxes, as it seems to be from reading other posts?