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    Need help with wiring options!


      Could really use some help hooking up my SlingBox.  Here is what I have so far:

      . Coax from the wall going to the cable box (DVR).

      . Coax from the cable box going to the SlingBox.

      . Component video (Red, Green, Blue) and composite audio(Red, White) going from cable box to SlingBox.

      . IR cable positioned properly on cable box and network connection in place.


      SlingBox on the internet works fine!  But how do I hook up my TV?

      . Tech Support tells me I can no longer use an HDMI connection from the cable box to the TV.  They say it eats too much bandwidth and can cause me to not get a picture over the internet.

      . They tell me that I can go Component/Composite from the cable box to the TV; or I can go coax from the SlingBox to the TV.

      . My cable box only has one set of Component connections already going to the SlingBox so that option is out.

      . Guess I could try the coax connection from the SlingBox to the TV, but would like a better quality signal.


      My questions:

      1) Anyone using HDMI from the cable box to the TV and having no problems viewing SlingBox over the internet? (I haven't tried it yet.)

      2) I see a second set of Component connections on the back of the SlingBox, but I'm assuming that is input only (so I can't go Component from the SlingBox to the TV), correct?

      3) How are other people hooking up their TV's when they have a SlingBox?

      4) Do I even need to have a coax connection going from the cable box to the SlingBox? (seems like it should be coax from wall to cable box, then Component from cable box to SlingBox?)




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          jimfitzgerald Apprentice

          Does your Slingbox have an internal tv tuner?  If so, you need a coax cable to the Slingbox to use the internal tuner as one of your video sources.  I don't think it matters which comes first, the Slingbox or cable box as I think they both have a coax pass through.  Anyway, from your cable box, you should go HDMI to your tv and component video to your Slingbox.  This is how mine is hooked up and it works fine.  If you have problems, you can go component to your tv and S-video to your Slingbox, but it won't be HD.   With both coax and component to your Slingbox, you can watch tv from your cable box or from your Slingbox internal tuner as a second source.