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    remote control set up Slingbox 350


      Remote control set up


      My Slingbox 350 has always worked fine since 2014 but I changed the device last week for a Tivo model TCD848000 (As a result I had to go into Settings to change it in Slingbox) & now can't set the virtual remote control on SlingBox


      When I get to the Remote Control Set-up page and I search for my remote , I can't set up the remote control, can't find the right code

      I tried all the remotes code on slingbox


      If i use the Drop down menus to select my remote model, I can select the correct model and manufacturer

      I have tried resetting the slingbox completely and still it hangs at the same spot.

      Once i got it act like it accepted the remote and it showed me the directv remote but I couldn't click any buttons.

      I reset the Slingbox



      - Windows 10, browser  Firefox

      - I have Tivo T6 model TCD848000

      - TV service : cogeco inc ( canada) digital (non rebuilt) ste-Ade

      - Location; country  Canada J0R 1R4

      - using the Composite Video ''TiVo TiVo HD''

      - able to get the video and sound just fine, just can't change the channel or give instructions



      Any ideas what the remote control code a have to use ??