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    Slingbox Solo reconfigured for Comcast Xfinity

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      I have been successfully using a Slingbox Solo for several years, and I love it. Recently I got a new HD flat-screen TV and a new Xfinity control box. During the installation, I had to unhook everything, so I wasn't really surprised later when I was unable to change channels remotely via my Slingbox. I assumed that the IR cables were misplaced. However, I loaded the desktop Slingbox app and found that I couldn't control the remote through the desktop app either. So I found the help files that told me to reconfigure the video inputs (composite) through the desktop app. It was confusing, because I had not changed my router, which I own, but the settings were not working with the existing Motorola SurfBoard router. Eventually I got the idea to select Comcast instead of Motorola (even though I did not get the router from Comcast), and then X1 was one of the remote choices offered, and voila, the onscreen remote looked just like the one that came with the system, and everything started working again. I am just posting this in case it might help somebody else.