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    Slingbox Not Working on Android 7.1 (Nougat)

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      Just got the new Pixel XL which is using Android 7.1 (Nougat). My Slingbox 500 continually freezes and will not allow me to change stations. It continues to work on my older Android phone. Any suggestions?

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          I have the exact same issue of slingbox consistently freezing every 2 minutes and not getting more than 2Mbps...starting considering returning the Pixel XL...Not only do I have the slingbox issue, but the sound quality is way worst than Nexus 6P.

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              I did not notice a sound quality issue.. I came from a Note 7. I will be turning in the Pixel XL due to this reason. It is too bad that SLINGBOX did not get its act together with regard to the Nougat operating system.

              They know people will get this OS and they just remain quiet.They should post a notice that they are at least working on this.. NOT HAPPY

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                I'm thinking that Slingbox will do an update to work with newer version of Android (They've had to do this before). Mainly because new devices would more and more be excluded from using the boxes. And otherwise, over time, they will lose customers, future customers, good will, and would have to just shut down. Slingbox, are you listening? Let's fix this.

                BTW, I notice that it doesn't lock if you force it to SD (off HD). But, that is NOT acceptable!! I mention this in case it helps solve the problem